Top 3 Market “Must-Haves” For Your Vendor Booths

Happy Friday From CCFM!!

Vendors! Today, We’ve compiled a list of our Top 3 “Market Must-Haves” For you with inspirational photos and links included!! We hope you enjoy. -CCFM



These lovely chalkboard signs add variety and flair to a vendors display. We recommended going with a DIY approach ( Click the link for great DIY projects! ) to give your booth that personal touch.


Getting across the market with your whole display can wear you down, even before the market begins! We recommend purchasing a Foldable Wagon to easily pack and transport your display before and after setup.

(Photo courtesy of Costco)




Displays and booth setup are an important part of being a vendor.  The more you style your display, the more attention you will draw, and in turn sales you will make. When you have a standout product people will notice… and the same goes for your booth! We recommend hopping on Pinterest to get some great DIY IDEAS .

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